Before and After


My best friend and one of the first clients, Irina. She has completely transformed her lifestyle. Her hard work and dedication brought her second place in her very first bodybuilding contest! With one show down, she has so many more to go!

veronica-before-and-afterVeronica, my good friend and a long term client. She put a huge amount of work and dedication in her transformation. Participated in her first bodybuilding contest and took 1st and 2nd places in different categories!


My good friend and a long term client, Amanda. Ever since we started working together Amanda developed a better relationship with food and adopted regular exercise routine. She is putting a lot of hard work and dedication in her journey and as a result, she has lost over 40lbs! This woman is on the mission and I can’t wait to see her transform even more in the nearest future!


Karen is my good friend and a long term client. While Karen was already in a great shape when we met, she always wished to have more strength and definition in her legs, and abs. So we set a goal, and sometime throughout the process, Karen decided to give a bodybuilding contest a try. I’m very proud of her accomplishments and can’t wait to see her on stage again!


My good friend Juana and I have met over a year ago. I remember that aside from losing weight, Juana wanted to be able to do at least 1 push up. Little did she know that in less than a year she would be able to do 15 push-ups in a row and deadlift her body weight! I’m happy to see this woman getting stronger and healthier day after day!