Born and raised in Russia, I was raised in a family of rules and regulations, with a father who was a police officer with a passion for martial arts; and mom, who was always passionate about health and fitness in general. The minute I learned how to walk, my mom brought me to my dad’s gym, where he was teaching martial arts. I slowly began my martial arts journey. At the age of 6, I was enrolled into taekwondo. It was a beginning of my professional martial arts career that lasted 12 years.

Ten years ago I moved to the United States. While I was no longer involved in martial arts I still had a passion for healthy lifestyle and movement in general. It wasn’t until the recent years when I understood the actual meaning of the words “healthy lifestyle.” In 2011 I picked up a pair of dumbbells for the first time and instantly fell in love with the process of transforming my body into something completely different. I fell in love with a new challenge and was eager to learn as much as possible. Last 4 years I spent plenty of time “binge-reading” and studying a variety of fitness related material. It wasn’t long before I realized that I found my true passion and I should share it with people around me.

I am now NESTA and ACE certified, full-time personal trainer. I have turned my passion for a healthy lifestyle into a career and I am on the mission to improve the lives of others by sharing my knowledge and vision!